What is CarRiderPro?

  • The CarRider Pro system is designed to streamline the pickup process for elementary schools when students are released at the end of the school day.
  • It utilizes discretely encoded vehicle tags that are assigned to each student in the CarRider system and is cross referenced to parents or guardians that are responsible for their pickup after school each day.
  • It automatically detects each tag as it enters the pickup zone and identifies all students linked to it.
  • It displays each student’s name on a Client computer display, in real time, in proper sequence with the vehicles in the pickup line.
  • It stages the student’s names into two groups to expedite preassembly and release to their ride.
  • It automatically detects each tag as it leaves the pickup zone and logs out any student names associated with it.
  • It automatically sequences the next group of student names onto the Client computer display for preassembly.

How does CarRiderPro work?

  • The CarRider Pro system software is proprietary and is hosted on our secure web server.
  • The system requires an assigned static IP address from your IT administrator and an Ethernet connection.
  • It uses no personal student or guardian information.
  • School staff can access the CarRider Pro database through a Client computer link after entering their user name and password.
  • Each school has control over and maintains its own CarRider Pro database.
  • It allows school staff to utilize hand held devices such as tablet computers or smart phones to make on the fly additions or adjustments to the assemblage of students.