Central City Elementary

Central City Elementary School

Prior to the 2013 school year, Central City Elementary’s formal car rider dismissal process required parents and guardians to park their vehicles and enter the school building to sign out their students for dismissal. In anticipation of implementing a better dismissal process in the 2013 school year, Central City’s new principal received approval to extend a roadway around the building to queue vehicles and then contacted Radio ID Equipment, Inc. to inquire about purchasing a CarRIder Pro student pickup system.

We met with the principal and assessed the school grounds to determine the best system hardware arrangement. We were able to decrease the hardware requirements thereby, reducing the overall system price. The Central City system is the first CarRider Pro implementation not installed by Radio ID Equipment, Inc. The school opted to have its district’s technology and maintenance staffs do the installation to save additional money. Their system is also the first CarRider Pro system to be implemented that utilizes separate vehicle entry and exit points instead of passing two way traffic through a single reader gate.

Central City is scheduled to turn on its CarRider Pro system soon after school starts in August, 2013. They are expecting to dismiss approximately 150 car riding students a day.

Project Overview

  • Car Riders: 150+
  • Vehicles: 90
  • Dismissal: 15 minutes